Cadastre, Boundary surveys and Technical plans

A boundary survey is an important component of pre-construction due diligence. The boundary survey establishes the perimeter of a property as it relates to a site’s legal description. It is a means of defining the limits of a property formally. It mainly focuses on the definition of the corners of a plot.

People usually perform boundary surveys before they buy, split, improve or build on the land. A land surveyor will create a drawing once a boundary survey is complete. The professional conducts the survey because measurements must be as accurate as possible. The survey begins with the measurement, marking and mapping of the boundary lines of land ownership. The surveyor then scrutinizes the historical records of the purchased property as well as the lands around it. A boundary survey is recommended before buying, subdividing, improving, or building on land. Surveying the parcel before these activities ensures that the expense and frustration of defending a lawsuit, moving a building, or resolving a boundary dispute can be avoided. Determining the location of legal land ownership lines may minimize real estate transactional risk and are required by many title and lending companies to minimize risk of their transaction.

The boundary survey is based on two key components: land records research and a field survey. Document research includes review of available records including title certificates, deeds, part surveys, easements, and subdivision maps. Once the historic boundaries of the property have been identified, the land surveyor will take physical measurements of the site. Both sets of data are then compared to determine if there are any discrepancies.

The results of the field work will be compared to the research, and the surveyor will then reconcile all the information to conclude the limits. The surveyor will finally produce a plan and produce a legal description and report.

When finished, the survey will show a plan of the property, written descriptions of any buildings and a report defining the boundaries and explaining the judgment. The way the boundaries are marked will depend on prior contracts between the buyer and the professional land surveyor. It may be wooden posts, pipes, marked trees or monuments in concrete.

All surveys are performed in accordance with the requirements established by the Federal Act №221 “About cadastral activities”. We provide assistance in registration of land parcels both for individuals and legal entities.

One of the crucial geodetic works is cadastral registration (Technical plan) of buildings (constructions) with gridded data provided. We carry out this work as well.

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