Façade surveying

Façade surveys are important for the following reasons:

  • They record important details of buildings that are not captured in building plans;
  • They provide scaled CAD drawings of front and sides of a building; and
  • They provide accurate structural data that saves time, money and reduce risks that could be a result of mistakes in projects

Facades and elevations can be recorded using a variety of surveying technologies, selected by the level of detail required and by the nature of the area being surveyed. Our surveyors use total stations, laser scanners and rectified photography to record everything from main structural detail to intricate architectural features, e.g. cornice mouldings or stained glass windows for conservation requirements. CAD drawings of facades and elevations can be produced as 2D or 3D depending on client needs. Our registered surveyors have extensive knowledge and expertise in surveying. We can provide façade and elevation surveying, from single buildings to complete streetscapes for redevelopment and urban regeneration projects.

Our surveyors are trained and aware of the structural features that are important to architects, engineers and building conservationists.

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